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Dial Square FC Enterprise

Dial Square FC - Where the Fans ARE the Club



Saturday afternoon kick-offs. Terraces. A voice for the fans. Fan chants that speak louder than money.

Fans are losing the battle to remain the lifeblood of the game in the top flight. We’re now seen as income, squeezed for every last penny as new kits and merchandise are pumped out by our clubs mercilessly.

It now means a large percentage of us simply cannot afford to attend games – and this increases the stranglehold that TV companies have on the game.

The recent European Super League was perhaps the last nail in the coffin – as it revealed exactly what these clubs see as the future for top-flight football and it gave scant consideration for us fans. It would also signal the death knell for the majority of lower league clubs.

At a time when a global pandemic is highlighting exactly what is important to us all, these clubs put a dollar ahead of everything else. Clubs know that fans in the stands aren’t necessary anymore. Football as we adored it, is changing forever.​

At least in the top-flight.

There is a ray of hope for us, however.​

We set up Dial Square FC as an alternative to The Arsenal - not a replacement.

We want a club run by the fans, for the fans. We’re committed to being affordable and accessible to everyone. A place where you can enjoy that matchday routine with your fellow fans. We’re a grassroots football club with huge ambition and a passionate vision to be the best we can be. At the heart of this is the desire to ensure that the ownership of the club stays with the real investors - YOU

If you have had enough of modern football in its current form, want to be a part of what we are doing, and want to help us shape the future, then please click here, or contact us at:

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