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Becoming a member of DSFCE gives every single member an equal say and vote in the decisions made by Dial Square Football Club. It gives each one of you as a fan, an equal voice in how the club is run and on decisions being made.

The sole objective of DSFCE is to help raise funds for the football club, which will help its long-term vision. When becoming a member and supporter of DSFCE, you can be safe in the knowledge that you will get a say in what the club chooses to do, when facing a decision-making process. These objectives are written into the club's articles, to guarantee the continued support for Dial Square Football Club, forever.

As the membership numbers increase, so will the revenue stream for the club - with every single penny raised going towards the club's running costs. Whether it be for a potential future playing budget, or supporting the ground fees, etc., the role of DSFCE is a truly vital one.

When you're an annual member of DSFCE, the football club will ensure that the fans are their most important commodity. After all, football without fans is nothing. It will always strive to give back whenever it can in the way of gifts and other benefits and will always hear your voice.

DSFCE Board Members:

Andreas Charalambous - Chairman

Stuart Morgan - Director

Marc Brewer - Director

Sarah Watt - Membership Secretary

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