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Earn A FREE Season's Fan-Ownership 

By Andreas Charalambous

Promote YOUR CLUB and Earn Discounts for 2023/24 Season.

We have had some recent enquiries from current fan-owners – who have been asking if there were any resources that they could post to their own social media platforms, to promote membership to DSFCE. Although these loyal supporters had kindly offered to do this for free, I thought that we could not only accommodate this request but also offer an incentive to anyone who wants to get involved, as a token of our gratitude. We have launched a new fan-owner recruitment programme that is open for all current fan-owners to join. Registered members will be sent an electronic media pack to post on their social media channels – each containing a code unique to them. Every time this code is referenced when a new fan-owner joins us, you will automatically receive a £5.00 credit towards your 2023/24 fan-ownership renewal fee. In addition to helping grow our fan-owner numbers, current members could potentially renew their fan-ownership next season for free. Please remember that this is OUR club and we all need to get as involved as we can. This programme is completely FREE to join and could save you money off next season's renewal. Everyone can play their part.


If you are interested in joining this recruitment programme, please email me at:

Up The Dial

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