If you're interested in becoming a part-owner of the company started by Dial Square Football Club, then please sign up using the membership form below. Please note that we are now only selling one level of membership.

Sundial Membership:
Company Ownership
Membership Certificate
Voting Rights
Pin Badge
Club Scarf
Car Sticker
Club Hat


Please CLICK HERE to download a Membership Form. You will also be able to download the Articles Of Association and Company Rules - as well as other DSFCE documents by CLICKING HERE.

Alternatively, you can just download a Membership Form at the bottom of this page.
If you have any questions, or you've filled in your application form, then please email Membership@DSFCEnterprise.com to complete your registration.



Adam Alce-King

Jens Alen

Richard Allen

Jamie Avis

Tony Bayliss

Nathan Berry

Dan Betts

Diana Betts

Neil Boyd

Sergio Braga-Mullin

Cassie Brati

Alan Brewer

Marc Brewer

Chris Britnell

Paul Brown

Gary Brown

Jason Brown

Jonathan Burgess

Steve Carney

Mick Champness

Andreas Charalambous

Jay Clifford

Billy Clifton

Ian Connolly

Anthony Copus

Jon Cousens

Luke Davies

Mark Doherty

Matthew Downes

Michael Draper

Stephen Edwards

Magnus Falkehag

Mike Fatkin

Kenneth Greaney

Stephen Green

Matthew Hammond

Jon Hardin

Barry Hatch

Ryan Hawkins

Paul Heaton

Paul Hebden

Simon Hockley

Spencer Honniball

Danny Hopkins

Steve Huber

Jason Jenkins

Matt King

Martin Klass

Harald Kristiansen

Guy Le Maistre

Thomas Leese

James Longdon

Ben Lovell

Jamie Lowen

Chris Luxford-Noyes

Bradley Marsh

Hames Marshall

Michael Vincent Mastranuono

Slawek Matusiak

Alex McCann

Paul McIlreavy

John Miller

Stuart Miller

Bradley Moore

Shaun Mullins

David Nathan

Torsten Neuen

Sean Noonan

Jason Nuckhir

Kieran O'Boyle

John O'Shea

Andy Phillips

Mark Philpott

Warren Pike

Andrew Poulton

Louis Schuster-Farrell

John Setterfield

Christopher Shawyer

Jenny Silcott

Svein Skaret

Steve Smith

Piotr Sobocinski

Richard Specht

Terry Spicer

Andrew Stapleton

Marvin Stewart

Martin Stummvoll

Jason Tegg

Aleksander Tellef Berg

John Tester

Paul Thomas

Jamie Tilly

Jack Tully

Christina Tutty

Mike Uwins

Gavin Walker

Maxwell Ward

Gary Wilkins

Andy Willis

Ben Willis

Jack Willis

Gareth Wingrove

Andrew Wootton

Tim Wyles


'DSFCE' Company Membership Form